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Eco Energy Services provides customized LED lighting upgrades for commercial properties including offices, warehouses, outdoor lighting and more. Our services offer compelling rebate opportunities sponsored by the ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program. Now is the time for you to upgrade your business lighting to energy efficent, brilliant LEDs.

Benefits to Your Business

Lighting Enhancements

Brighter Workspaces
Professional Look to Your Office
Advanced LEDs for warmer or more brilliant Light

Your Bottom Line

ComEd® Project Rebate Amounts of 60% - 80%
Reduce monthl​y energy costs by 50% or more
Motion Activated Lighting Reduces Costs

Our Customers

Small Businesses: Office, Warehouse, Parking
Non Profits: Churches, Schools
Public Sector: Small Business & Street Lighting

You're In Good Hands

Knowledge of Available Incentive Programs

Expert Design & Installation

High Quality US Suppliers

ComEd® Energy Efficiency Program

This is a government mandated program targeted to reduce the need for new power plants and to further Illinois' green energy initiatives. Since inception the program has grown from $50M to over $375M annually. Every business has an "Energy Efficiency Programs" charge on its' electric bill. Maybe it is time for you to get some benefit from your contributions? 

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