Eco Energ​y Services LLC


Joe Bianchi

Managing Partner

Joe has over 20 years experience in the trades as a practicing electrician and HVAC tech. As a general contractor & business owner Joe has succssfully run construction jobs as large as $5M. Projects completed included public works, commercial, and industrial clients.

Tony Masella

Managing Partner

Tony has over 20 years experience as an electrical enginer & corporate executive in the telecommunications industry. Tony has owned and managed a successgul general contracting firm completing public works projects as large as $1M.Click this text to start editing. This team block is a great way to introduce your visitors to key members of your organization. You can click the green +/- buttons to change the number of people you’re showcasing.

Call Joe at 708-906-8281 or email

Call Tony at 708-372-2507 or email [email protected]

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